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Sabtu, 16 September 2017

Get Up

Get up,
See a beautiful thing around you
That always make you feel grateful for everything you have

Get up,
Your room maybe your comfort zone
But outside is maybe more enchant

Get up,
Maybe you want a perfect life
But you born to this world, you still alive and healthy , it is a perfect isn't it?

Get up,
Patient maybe not easy, you need learn more for that
But you know, what will you get if you pass through  it

Get up,
Struggle is always not easy
But you need it to always be sane to face uncertainty life

Maybe our way not always be straight and not arrive on time to the place we go
But life is a collection of surprises that we never knew
We don't know where is our step to go 
However we have plan a, b, c,d
We are just a human do not know anything

Early get up is not always be loss 
You need a quiet atmosphere in the noisy of life

Get up
Get up
Get up

You are not just a dreamer, isn't it?

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