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Jumat, 14 Oktober 2016


It’s a roller coaster
Sometimes on the top
Sometimes on the bottom
Sometimes open our eyes
Sometimes close our eyes

It’s a roller coaster
Sometimes we are scream
Sometimes we are be silent
Sometimes we are nervous
Sometimes we are relieve
Sometimes we are happy
Sometimes we are afraid

Life is like ascend a roller coaster
You are happy, but not always
You are sad, not always too
Bright and dark is alternately
The key is just about time

When we are ascend a roller coaster
Time is very fast to move
Suddenly be changeable
Sometimes on the top sometimes on the bottom

Just feel it with a perfect smile
Imagine, it is just temporary
So, you always know to put your patient
When you are not on happiness
And be grateful when you are happy

Don’t forget to be happy to your roller coaster
Go across the rainbow
Say Hi….to birds and aeroplane
Feel the wind

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